Special events may need special insurance attention

You can protect your summer event with special events coverage.

With the season of sunshine upon us, many businesses, schools, churches and other organizations sponsor special events. Right now, advertisements are blooming like the foliage. Every weekend seems to offer a menu of festivals, 5K races and concerts from which to choose. Some folks plan their summers around such events.

If your business or organization is planning a special event, you may be experiencing some of the common worries: What happens if a patron gets hurt? What if there is damage to the property of others as a result of the event? Are there other, unforeseen exposures?

You may have similar concerns if you are a crafter who sells your goods at weekend festivals. The event sponsor may ask you to to provide a certificate of insurance demonstrating that you have liability coverage.

You can protect yourself, your business or organization, its assets and your employees or club members by purchasing special events coverage. Special events may share some common elements that might not be covered by the policy your business or organization already has in force:

  • A special event may be held away from your normal site of operations.
  • Entry may require an admission.
  • There may be activities that are outside the scope of typical operations.
  • Attendance may involve those who do not normally interact with your business or organization.
  • The events are often of a short term, perhaps held on one day or over a weekend.

When you speak to your insurance adviser, be ready to answer questions to help tailor the coverage in your policy to the event you’re planning:

  • Who is sponsoring the event, and is there already some insurance in place?
  • How many people do you expect to attend?
  • Is the event indoors or outdoors?
  • Will you be using permanent or portable bleachers?
  • Is there parking on or off premises?
  • Will the event feature amusement rides?
  • Is there a parking attendant?
  • Will alcohol be served?
  • What items are being sold in your concession stands?
  • If you are the sponsor, did you remember to seek insurance certificates from third parties that may be providing services at your event?

Protect the success of your special event with the right insurance coverage.

After that, it’s up to your weather forecaster.

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