Distracted Driving

Tips to Combat Distracted Driving


Technology helps identify, reward safe drivers

You’re a safe driver: You follow all traffic laws, don’t speed and never allow yourself to be distracted by your phone while driving. Suppose you could take credit for your efforts and earn a discount on your car insurance?

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Get serious about distracted driving

Distracted driving has become an escalating and deadly problem. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recorded 2,841 distracted driving-related deaths on our nation’s roads in 2018 – 7.8% of all crash fatalities that year.

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Smartphones: The distraction is killing us

The advent of the smartphone has brought with it a deluge of texting and other distractive behavior while driving a vehicle. We see people of all ages, genders and backgrounds using phones when they should be driving.

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New test for distracted driving: Textalyzers

Lawmakers in a handful of cities and states are considering allowing police to use devices called textalyzers to test for suspected cell phone use at the scene of car accidents.

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Facts About Distracted Driving

Amplify your safety by silencing your distractions. Anything that takes a driver’s eyes off the road can be deadly.

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Bring Dangerous Driving to a Halt

Eliminating distractions while behind the wheel can literally mean the difference between life and death.

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