Conducting effective vendor risk assessments


Nearly all organizations need to work with vendors or third-party suppliers. Whether you’re a global organization, a non-profit institution, an agency or a small business, your organization has the potential to face severe fines and penalties for failing to understand and comply with applicable regulations.

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Making the most of the home walk-through


It’s easy to get caught up in excitement when you’re looking for a new home. Keep in mind, though, when a home is listed for sale, it is being presented as positively as possible. As a prospective buyer, you will want to examine the property inside and out, door to door and ceiling to floor.

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How not to get stuck in a hospital far from home


You know how important it is to be treated by physicians you trust in a facility you choose. Yet many people, when faced with an accident or illness while traveling, find themselves stuck in a hospital far from home – at the mercy of health or travel insurance companies in determining the “acceptability” of a facility and the “medical necessity” of a transfer home.

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