Vacation nightmare… times two


Avoid the cost and hassle of leaks by installing a water shut-off device.

They say that homes that experience one water loss are likely to experience more. After experiencing two separate water heater leaks in our home while my family was away on vacation, I guess it’s true.

The flood

The first incident involved an older water heater, which started leaking while we were gone for a week at the lake. We returned on Sunday to a huge mess. Everything on the floor was wet, including area rugs, photos and stored boxes.

Upon inspection, the problem was clear: the water heater had not been installed with a pan to catch and redirect water in the event of a leak. As a result, our home needed extensive repairs, including removing the bottom three feet of drywall, treating for mold and replacing dislodged floor tiles.

Noisy dehumidifiers and fans operated constantly for what seemed like weeks. Our area rugs were ruined, and it was nearly two months before the drywall was back in place and painted. Knowing all this took place in my basement is one thing. Thinking about what would happen on an upper floor is unimaginable. Needless to say, any relaxation from enjoying a week away turned to immediate stress.

The close call

The second incident was less devastating, thanks to our neighbors stopping by to check on a pet. We were headed out to dinner near the end of another trip when the neighbors called for instructions to turn off the water. The water heater had sprung another leak. It was in a pan this time, but that didn’t matter because the water was spraying from the top of the heater and bouncing off the ceiling.

We were lucky this time – because of our neighbors’ quick action, the damage was limited to one room. The water ran less than 24 hours, and our first incident had taught us not to keep belongings on the floor. Our neighbors kindly vacuumed up the water, preventing damage to the trim and drywall. In a few days, the dehumidifiers and fans brought the humidity back down to normal.

Peace of mind

After the second loss, we’d had enough of the water cleanup experience and decided to install a shut-off device. This year my vacation was far less stressful.

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