Home, sweet (second) home – protect it from water damage


Protect your vacation home from common causes of damage.

Whether it’s a cabin in the woods, a house or condo on the beach or a chalet in the mountains, your vacation home can be a wonderful place to relax and unwind. However, secondary residences require additional precautions compared with your primary home.

An often-overlooked hazard involves water damage to secondary residences that stand unoccupied for extended period.

Homeowners incur thousands of dollars in expenses each year due to damage caused by water escaping from broken pipes or malfunctioning appliances and plumbing fixtures. Because the home is unoccupied, the problem is often not discovered until major damage has occurred.

You can minimize this risk through the installation of an automatic water shut-off system. These systems use sensors located near water heaters, washing machines, refrigerators, toilets or other appliances to detect water escaping or leaking. The system shuts off water to the appliance, preventing costly flooding. Costs for these systems are generally about $100-$200 for a device to monitor an individual appliance or a few hundred dollars more for a whole-house system.

Like any home, a secondary residence can also be vulnerable to sump pump failure caused by power outage or malfunction. Backup sump pumps are now available that do not rely on battery power; rather, they use the home’s water pressure to function. These systems are usually available for under $500.

Investing in these systems can protect your vacation home from extensive water damage, providing you with peace of mind when you’re not there.

Water damage can also occur when clogged gutters cause winter snowmelt from the roof to back up into the house and through the ceiling. Take care to clean the gutters after all leaves have fallen and before you leave the home unoccupied for the season.

Additional basic techniques can be used to minimize other types of loss or damage:

  • Lock all doors and windows upon departure, and consider installing a fire and burglar alarm
  • Set up timers to turn lights off and on
  • Install motion-sensor outside lighting
  • Arrange for someone to check on the property periodically

Techniques such as these can minimize the chance of significant and costly damage to your vacation home, providing peace of mind as you relax and unwind.

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  1. mold removal

    This reassures everyone that the property you are purchasing, selling, or living in is safe and contaminate free.
    Unfortunately, this can only happen if the water damage is caused by leakages from plumbing and piping.
    If your basement actually floods on a regular basis,
    or if standing water visibly collects, that can actually be better
    in some ways.

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