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Prevent Frozen Pipes in Your Home

Simple tips to help you prevent pipe freezes in your home. (:46)


Prevent Frozen Pipes at Your Business

How to protect your business from damage caused by frozen pipes. (:54)


Restoring A Community Landmark

When a major freezing event damaged a Cincinnati insured’s
historic building, their local independent agent and Cincinnati’s
claims representatives partnered to bring this property back to
its former glory. (3:13)


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Blog Posts



For businesses

Keep business flowing: Prevent frozen pipes

Businesses may be especially vulnerable to freezing pipes
through their fire protection and HVAC equipment.

Keep your fire protection system from freezing

Failure or disruption of fire protection systems can be
life-threatening and expensive to repair.

Protect your building from the cold

Winter storms frequently cause electrical power failure,
which in turn can disable your heating system and
lead to a cascade of problems.


For residences

Winterize your pipes to protect your home

Whether you stay home or “fly south” for the winter,
prepare your property for cold weather.

Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow…

A few preventive steps can save you the expense
and bother of burst pipes and water damage.


For both

Prepare your building to weather the cold

Gusting winds, heavy snow and bitter temperatures
could collapse your roof, freeze and rupture your piping
and cause havoc in your life.

First aid for frozen pipes — steps to prevent more damage

If you suspect you have a frozen pipe, here’s
what to do next.

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Snow and ice on walkways, roadways, driveways and
parking lots can present extra challenges
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Snow can be hazardous to your health

Take care when shoveling to protect
your heart and your back.

What to put in your winter weather safety kit

Stock up at your home, in your car
or at your business.

Never too early to prepare for winter weather

Prepare yourself before a blizzard strikes.

Lights out: Preparing for extended power outages

Tips and advice to cope when the power
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