Troy Dohmeyer

Troy Dohmeyer is a Senior Construction Account Executive – Key Accounts at Cincinnati Insurance Company and serves agencies in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. He has held a variety of roles at Cincinnati Insurance since 2012, including his most recent role as Technical Specialist Unit Manager – Construction supporting our construction efforts across our portfolio. Troy holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Biochemistry and the Construction Risk Insurance Specialist (CRIS), Associate in General Insurance (AINS) and Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST) designations.

Entrust storm repairs to honest contractors


When businesses and homeowners are desperate for help to repair and rebuild after a disaster such as a hurricane, tornado or wildfire, they seek assistance from anyone who will offer help. Unfortunately, there are scammers who prey on those emotions and take advantage of good people in their darkest hour.

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COVID-19: Have a project restart strategy


Construction projects that shut down production in the short term deserve careful consideration when it’s time to restart operations. Contractors must recognize the need to create a plan for resuming work after restrictions imposed during the pandemic are lifted.

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