Neal Holladay

A transportation specialist, Neal Holladay provides technical support to Cincinnati Insurance agents and Loss Control department associates. He has 40 years of insurance, loss control and risk management experience, spending 10 of those years as a risk manager for a trucking and logistics company. Based in Greeneville, TN, Neal has been with Cincinnati Insurance since 2013. He holds certification as a Transportation Risk and Insurance Professional (TRIP) from the International Risk Management Institute.

The hidden effect of COVID-19 on fleet safety


If you’ve driven a motor vehicle since COVID-19 restrictions were initiated in March 2020, you’ve undoubtedly noticed fewer vehicles on the road. You might think this would result in a reduction in overall auto crash rates in general and fatality rates in particular. Unfortunately, it appears just the opposite is happening. While actual miles driven have declined, crash and fatality rates have increased.

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January 6 deadline for USDOT clearinghouse


Employers of commercial motor vehicle drivers should be making final preparations to comply with a federal law set to take effect in January. The U.S. Department of Transportation is rolling out a Federal Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse – a database to track commercial driver’s license holders who have tested positive for prohibited drug or alcohol use or who have refused to take a required test.

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Distractions contribute to pedestrian deaths, injuries


“I didn’t see them!” That’s usually the first thing someone says when they’ve been involved in a vehicle-pedestrian crash. The latest statistical year shows that 5,977 pedestrians were killed in U.S. traffic crashes – one every 1.5 hours, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration figures. In addition, 129,000 pedestrians were treated for non-fatal crash-related injuries. While these figures remained about steady compared with the prior year, the numbers are still alarming.

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