Mark Welsh

A company vice president and the manager of the Regulatory & Consumer Relations Department, Mark Welsh started with Cincinnati as an underwriter in 1978. He has held several different management positions during his tenure with the company. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English.

Protect your mobile devices with some simple precautions

Would you leave your wallet, purse or a bag containing $1,000 in cash on your car seat, even if your doors were locked? Of course not, but the message you send when you leave your laptop, iPad or other mobile device in plain sight in your unattended vehicle is similar: “Steal this!” Taking simple precautions can help protect your mobile devices and the information within them.

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Choosing an insurance company

While all companies should treat their customers fairly, honestly and ethically, it is especially important for an insurance company. You receive a promise for all your premium dollars, and you want to be sure the company you choose will fulfill that promise when the time comes. How do you know if your insurance company has integrity and follows ethical principles?

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