Mary Jorgensen

As a senior loss control technical specialist in property, Mary Jorgensen serves as a technical resource for Cincinnati associates, agents and policyholders on property and life safety-related exposures. She joined Cincinnati Insurance in 2010 as a loss control consultant serving agencies in the Chicagoland area before joining the technical services unit in the Loss Control department. She currently provides services and resides in Charlotte, NC. As a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), she also holds the Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) designation and is a member of the National Fire Protection Association.

Demonstrating safety in educational science labs

We all remember chemistry class in high school and the fun of seeing our teacher perform that cool experiment. The lure of the wow factor of performing chemical demonstrations to teach the interactions between different elements and chemicals has been a steady part of science education for years. Across the country, several recent high-profile incidents of students being burned and injured in lab fires have brought a heightened awareness to safety.

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National Fire Prevention Week
teaches fire safety for all ages

Better fire protection and materials design – along with more education – have combined to save lives and reduce financial losses from fires. In fact, due to the increased knowledge of fire protection and prevention, the number of U.S. fires over the last 25 years has been reduced by half.

National Fire Prevention Week, October 5-11, is a great opportunity for you and your children or grandchildren to have fun while learning important fire safety precautions.

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