Megan Shiou

Megan Shiou is an editor in Cincinnati’s Corporate Communications department. She started with the company in 2015 at Cincinnati’s Fairfield, OH headquarters and holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing management.

Flying into 2019: Using drones to serve policyholders


Recently, I got to witness something pretty cool. Our Headquarters Claims department contracted with a company to lease a drone to use for inspections and claims. Kyle Mathews and Justin Anderson, two of our claims technology specialists, participated in a training exercise so they can fly the drone on their own in the future. The vendor walked them through all the steps to ensure a safe flight.

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Now that you have the keys — what does that mean?

All your hard work paid off and now you finally have your driver’s license. Hours in the car with Dad gripping his seat and days spent in driver’s ed were worth it because the keys are now in your hands. I remember the feelings of freedom, independence and excitement when I received my license. But with the look in my dad’s eyes as he handed the keys to me, I knew driving came with added responsibility.

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