Linda Poulemanos

Linda Poulemanos is an occupational health and wellness nurse at Cincinnati’s headquarters in Fairfield, OH. A registered nurse, she has 10 years of emergency room experience and eight years of cardiology experience. Before joining Cincinnati Insurance in 2008, she was a credentialed RN assistant to a large group of cardiologists, and prior to that supervised the electrocardiogram/stress lab at a local hospital. She holds a Certified Emergency Nursing (CEN) designation.

Heat stress: Don’t underestimate the danger


Heat is a leading weather-related killer, according to the National Weather Service, and those who spend time outdoors should consider strategies to avoid heat-related illnesses. Extremely hot and humid weather makes it difficult for the body to regulate itself, and those who expect to be outdoors for personal or business activities should take precautions to avoid heat stress. Heat-related illnesses can range from heat cramps to heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which is a serious health emergency.

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