Karen Roop

An associate manager of property claims at Cincinnati’s Headquarters, Karen Roop supervises complex and large property claims in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. She also teaches property claims classes to field associates. She began her insurance career in 1982, joining Cincinnati in 1999. She holds the Associate in Claims (AIC) designation from the Insurance Institutes of America.

Safeguard valuable business records and papers

Even in our electronic, computer-driven world, few businesses can operate without acquiring a number of valuable papers and physical records. Losing them to a fire or natural disaster could seriously affect business operations. Before you have a loss, take steps to protect valuable papers, or consider ways to store copies.

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Coping with loss in a catastrophe

Protecting yourself and your family is your first priority when your auto, home, business or personal property is damaged or destroyed by a tornado, hail, flood or other catastrophic event. Promptly treat any injuries. Remain calm and carefully survey the damage. Be cautious during post-catastrophe activities to avoid injuries during rescue attempts and cleanup. Watch for downed power lines, gas leaks and electrical hazards that could result in fire, explosion or electrocution. Listen to local officials and emergency management personnel, who can assist you with locating emergency medical treatment, temporary[…..]

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