Kemp Nussbaum

Kemp Nussbaum retired in 2020 as a Technical Specialist with Cincinnati’s Loss Control department. He had served as the loss control liaison to the Target Market program managers, underwriters, agents and insureds, focusing on technical safety and risk management resources. Kemp has more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, joining Cincinnati in 2011.

Steps to keep the brewery ‘family’ safe


With ever-evolving beer styles, breweries, taprooms and beer gardens, it’s been fun to join in the craft brewery revolution. When you witness the camaraderie, it becomes clear that many breweries are like a family. Employees are eager to spend many hours together developing new recipes, working late to fulfill the next day’s orders and developing efficiencies to keep up with increasing demand. Along with the growth and excitement comes the need for safety and risk management. No one wants to see a family member suffer a serious injury, so it makes sense to look at some hazards employees face at the brewery on a daily basis.

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