Justin Yates

A regional property specialist with Cincinnati Insurance, Justin Yates provides technical support for loss control representatives in 20 states. Primarily focused on sprinkler protection analysis, Justin also assists staff with assessing flammable and combustible liquids, woodworking operations and other common manufacturing risks. Prior to joining Cincinnati Insurance, Justin worked as a fire alarm systems engineering manager, overseeing design and installation of integrated systems. He holds a Level III Fire Alarm Accreditation from the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies and is a designated Graduate Safety Practitioner. Justin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Protection and Safety.

When kids come to work: 5 tips for businesses and parents


The coronavirus pandemic has prompted business owners and their employees to find new ways to keep employees and their families safe and secure. Many organizations are assisting working parents by allowing employees to bring their children to work. In areas where traditional daycare facilities may be unavailable, some employers are setting up temporary daycare services on-site.

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Training is key to correct fire extinguisher usage

Fire extinguishers can be an effective tool, but only when you select the correct type for your needs; install them in the most effective locations; and learn the proper way to use them. This three-part series covers the basics of fire extinguishers. Part 3 of 3 – Once activated, a fire extinguisher typically provides less[…..]

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In case of fire: Benefits of a monitored alarm system

We know that functional smoke detectors can save lives and protect property, and every home should have them installed. But a monitored fire alarm system can offer additional property protection and benefits. Starting at about $100, the equipment can be surprisingly affordable and effective, and the monthly monitoring fee can be worth the expense in[…..]

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