Jonathan Winstel

An automotive enthusiast and experienced mechanic, Jonathan Winstel is a personal lines underwriter assigned to Kansas and Indiana. He is the Personal Lines department collector auto liaison and valuation specialist. He joined Cincinnati Insurance in 2013 and holds the Associate in General Insurance (AINS), Associate in Personal Insurance (API) and Associate in Insurance Services (AIS) designations and a bachelor’s degree in history.

Artwork on wheels: Insuring your collector auto


You’re an automotive enthusiast, a connoisseur of fine machines; only the best will do. Each car you own – whether it’s an exotic supercar, an antique muscle car or a limited production modern collector vehicle – is mechanically and visually perfect down to the minutest cosmetic detail. These are not just cars to you; they are rolling pieces of fine art where form and function meet in perfect harmony. So when it comes to insurance, why not consider insuring their property damage coverage on a personal articles policy?

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Coverage for your collector vehicle: Agreed value

Certain strokes of engineering border on artwork: an idea that manifests itself in the creation of something truly beautiful. Imagine yourself behind the wheel of one of those beautiful pieces of machinery, zooming through a twisting, scenic, back country road usually reserved for a postcard. Sunlight reflects off the mirror-like finish, and the engine purrs[…..]

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