Jeff Heiser

A construction specialist based in Sagamore Hills, Ohio, Jeff Heiser has 26 years of experience in loss control. Jeff provides technical support and advice to the loss control and underwriting departments as well as Cincinnati Insurance policyholders.

Know the limitations when using a crane

The world of construction is fast paced. Contractors strive to complete their projects quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality or safety. Mobile cranes are versatile and powerful pieces of equipment that can help contractors reach those goals by moving materials and equipment great distances and placing them in hard-to-reach areas. Whether a contracting firm owns[…..]

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7 tips for using power tools safely at home

Most Americans live in or grew up in a home that was built and maintained with conventional hand tools, the most common of which was a claw hammer. Instead of using tools powered largely by muscle and sweat, today homeowners use time-saving tools powered by internal combustion engines, compressed air, electricity, compressed gas and gunpowder.

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