Jeff Heiser

A construction specialist based in Sagamore Hills, Ohio, Jeff Heiser has 26 years of experience in loss control. Jeff provides technical support and advice to the loss control and underwriting departments as well as Cincinnati Insurance policyholders.

Throw snow – not caution – to the winds


Winter weather can take many forms from mild to windy to cold to unpredictable — yet snowfall is inevitable in most temperate areas of North America. Along with the eventual snow is the need to clear it from the driveway and sidewalks of your home or business.

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Making the most of the home walk-through


It’s easy to get caught up in excitement when you’re looking for a new home. Keep in mind, though, when a home is listed for sale, it is being presented as positively as possible. As a prospective buyer, you will want to examine the property inside and out, door to door and ceiling to floor.

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Home improvement: Contractor vs. do-it-yourself


Should you do it yourself, or hire a contractor? This might not even have been a question a generation or two ago. In our grandparents’ time, most families had a skilled tradesperson such as a carpenter, plumber, electrician or bricklayer to turn to for assistance. The small neighborhood hardware store had few options, and the suppliers who carried fixtures and materials catered primarily to skilled contractors. But the increase in large home improvement retail centers allows today’s homeowner easy access to materials and product options to update your home and increase its value.

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