Doug Eisele

Doug Eisele is president and owner of Eisele Gallery of Fine Art and Old World Restorations Inc. in Cincinnati. He is a nationally recognized authority on art restoration and conservation with more than 37 years of experience in the field. His firm specializes in the treatment of damaged and deteriorated paintings, frames, photographs, decorative objects, sculpture, works on paper, documents and metal. He is a member of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

Before disaster strikes, have a plan for your art collection


As you make emergency plans for your home or business, be sure to include a disaster plan for your fine art and valuable collectibles. While there may be little you can do to prevent some losses, knowing the steps to take immediately after a loss can prevent further damage and buy time for professional conservators to restore your items’ beauty and value.

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With proper care, paintings can hold beauty for years

Part 2 of 3 – Paintings are perhaps the most common type of artwork. In addition to their obvious aesthetic value, many are culturally significant because of historical or sentimental value. No matter what the importance, caring for your paintings can preserve them for you to enjoy for years to come. And if a painting[…..]

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