Brian Druley

A life field director with The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company, Brian Druley serves agencies in Central Ohio and heads up the company’s life field rep onboarding program. Brian joined the company in 1997 and has served in many capacities both at headquarters and in the field.

Should you convert your term life insurance policy?


Term life insurance is popular because it allows the consumer to purchase a higher death benefit at a lower price than permanent life insurance, such as whole life and universal life. As the name implies, term insurance provides protection for a specific and limited amount of time. So, what can you do when you realize you need all or a portion of your life insurance to last beyond the initial length of your term?

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Can you depend on crowdfunding for funeral costs?


It’s an all-too-common occurrence: A family loses a loved one unexpectedly and is forced to appeal for help to cover expenses. Many of us have seen the memorials on social media, the crowdfunding websites or the donation bins at a local store for a family dealing with an unexpected loss. In many cases, the family must reveal personal details – forfeiting privacy – just to get the help they need.

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Don’t put it off: Assess your life insurance


Would you believe that 1 in 5 families with children under age 18 does not have life insurance? As shocking as that may be to many of us, a 2018 study by LIMRA, a leading insurance and financial services trade organization, also found that 3 in 10 families would be in immediate financial trouble if a primary wage earner died. And, nearly half of respondents would experience financial adversity in just six months.

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