Keeping the ‘health’ in your health club

Proper cleaning helps keep your gym healthy.

People go to the gym to get healthy. Members look for clubs with the right equipment, classes and trainers to help get their heart rate up and break a good sweat. But when users climb down from the elliptical machine or exercise bike, it’s all too easy to forget to wipe it down.

Proper cleaning of your equipment and facility is vital to your health club’s business. In addition to keeping your members and staff healthy, you want to build your gym’s reputation as a well-maintained and clean facility.

Educate your staff and your members on the importance of proper cleanliness, and teach them the procedures you wish them to implement. Train staff, install signage and distribute fliers or rules as part of the membership initiation process.

Guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for cleaning and disinfecting gym facilities include:

  • Clean shared equipment that comes into direct skin contact after each use and allow surfaces to dry.
  • Regularly clean locker rooms, restrooms and common areas such as the front desk and vending machines.
  • Repair or dispose of damaged equipment where surfaces can’t be adequately cleaned.
  • Clean all floor surfaces on a regular schedule using a mop or a spray-and-vac system.
  • Stress proper hand washing practices.
  • Remove and clean floor mats and allow them to dry, and clean floors underneath mats.
  • Remind members to properly cover wounds or cuts, or encourage them not to use the gym until wounds heal.
  • Drain and clean hot tubs regularly.
  • Maintain proper pool chemical levels.
  • Instruct members to spray or wipe down equipment after each use. Floor staff should also establish a routine to clean equipment in order to provide an additional layer of protection.

Disinfectant spray bottles, towels and disposable pre-moistened wipes can make cleaning equipment easy for your members. Strategically place cleaning products near equipment and provide consistent signage and reminders for their use.

These simple steps can help to protect your staff and members and keep your health club healthy!

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