Making a positive impact: Loss control

The insurance industry is growing and has a high need for talented professionals with a variety of training and skills. Recruiters are asking job seekers “where do you fit in?” In this series, Cincinnati Insurance associates describe their own career journeys.

Where I fit in_16x9_AndersonAs a loss control consultant, I work with our policyholders to help them recognize their risks, understand how those risks could negatively impact their business and employees, and learn what they can do to make improvements. The path I took to my career may not have been direct, but it was a perfect fit for me to meet my goal.

As a first-year college student, just like everyone else I had to decide what I wanted to major in. I really had no idea, but I knew that I wanted to do something that would positively impact the lives of others.

I originally thought physical therapy was the answer and started down that path. After a year of classes and starting my first internship, I realized that wasn’t the right path for me. But what was?

A university email highlighted the occupational safety and health program, so I thought I should check it out. I met with the professors, took a couple of courses and enjoyed the program. I studied subjects as varied as fire science, ergonomics, industrial hygiene, hazard control and behavioral safety – along with more typical subjects of accounting and chemistry. The next thing I knew, I was a few months from graduating and was beginning to look for a job.

During class one day, one of my professors announced that an insurance company was going to interview potential trainees. An insurance company? Isn’t my major designed to help keep people in the workplace safe? How could this fit?

I learned very quickly in my first loss control position that it was, in fact, a perfect fit. I am able to provide education and a variety of services so that business managers and employees complete their jobs safely each and every day. My efforts positively impact them by ensuring they go home from work in the same condition in which they arrived. Reducing claims also allows businesses to operate safely, smoothly and successfully and keeps insurance costs down.

Looking back now to my original goal  ̶  have I made a positive impact on the lives of others as I originally set out to do? Yes, just in a very different way.

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  1. Jeff Evans

    Great blog!!! Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Ken Willemsen

    Nice description of the role and importance of a loss control consultant. Thanks for helping to keep other safe!

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