When insurance is in your blood

The insurance industry is growing and has a high need for talented professionals with a variety of training and skills. Recruiters are asking job seekers “where do you fit in?” In this series, Cincinnati Insurance associates describe their own career journeys.


Where I fit in_16x9_Hamler2The expression “it’s in their blood” is often used to describe future generations of successful athletes, movie stars and politicians. When talking about insurance, this idiom is rarely used. However, growing up the grandson and son of independent agency owners, insurance has always been a constant in my life.

Driving with dad to get a picture of a newly insured home is not the type of father-son time all families are accustomed to. When you are a Hamler, it’s more of the norm.

There’s probably a lot of good, some bad, and an equal amount of neutrality that comes with being in an insurance family. One of the good facets is knowing exactly how rental car coverage works when you’re on a family vacation to Florida. One of the bad aspects would be a long-winded debate over replacement cost coverage at the family Christmas party. I have witnessed both. All joking aside, I’m very proud of my family and would never trade them for the world.

The insurance bloodline doesn’t stop at the family agency, either. I have a total of six extended family members working in the insurance industry at this moment. I’m the last working for an insurance company; the rest have taken roles with several different agencies.

My own insurance story started after graduating college with a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership. Due to my background, insurance was a natural choice. Instead of going back to my hometown and working for the family agency, I opted to take an internship with a large brokerage in the Dayton, Ohio, area. During my time there I developed relationships with many of the producers, some of whom were former underwriters at The Cincinnati Insurance Company.

After seeing their successes, I started thinking about being an underwriter. I took all the advice I could get and set sail for Cincinnati. Since being here I couldn’t be happier, and I have realized that insurance is a fantastic career for anyone. The insurance industry is permeated with folks who went to college for finance, teaching, sports medicine, accounting … and somehow ended up in insurance. There are very few who graduate college with a degree in risk management. I believe there is an even playing field if you are joining the industry without any previous experience.

I love underwriting personal insurance because you get to be social every day, developing lasting relationships with your agents. Every day brings the possibility of a new insurance scenario and opportunities to innovate. I honestly never know what to expect when I answer the phone, and it suits my personality perfectly.

If you or someone you know is looking to join the insurance industry, I would highly recommend it. My family has benefited from it, and I hope to have a long and successful career myself.

For more information about a variety of insurance careers, please visit the Insurancecareers.org website or Facebook page sponsored by Ohio’s insurance industry. Cincinnati Insurance posts open positions on our website.

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