Post-flood boiler recovery can present hazards

Focus on safety when recovering equipment after a loss.
Focus on safety when recovering equipment after a loss.

The recent flooding in Colorado demonstrates the importance of being prepared. If your business includes boilers or electrical equipment, there are things you can do to minimize a loss from flood damage.

First, consult with an insurance professional to discuss the needs of your particular business before any loss occurs, concentrating on the “best practice” steps necessary to help you recover safely.  Then, understand and be prepared to execute those steps to minimize a loss, should one occur.

There are numerous hazards involved with restoring damaged boilers and other types of electrical equipment from flooding. It is always best to consult with specific manufacturer instructions and professional service providers, but there are guidelines that can help with the initial recovery phase. Safety is the No. 1 concern at all times, and many tasks will not be a “do-it-yourself” proposition.

The National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors ̶  the pre-eminent authority nationally on boiler inspection and safety guidelines – offers important tips on how to restore a boiler and any accompanying electrical systems to a safe operating condition after a flood, whether from a naturally occurring event or from a ruptured water pipe.

By safely returning your equipment to service, you avoid additional accidents so that you can focus on flood recovery.

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