A well-maintained building is ready for winter


Verify that your snow removal contractor has a certificate of insurance.

Buildings protect us from the elements but, like people, are not immune to seasonal change.  Fall is a great time to take action to help protect your commercial building from the effects of transitioning to fall and winter. Your efforts now will keep you and your customers more comfortable later.
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Hurricane preparedness: It’s a process, not a destination


You don’t have to live on a coast to have wind damage from a remnant hurricane.

Saying that you are prepared for a disaster makes it sound like there is a definitive beginning and end to the process, but being prepared requires constant updates and evolving actions. A true state of preparedness means you are ready for something, but more importantly, you are aware of the ever-changing nature of, well…Nature.

Anyone who lives or works near coastal waters, plans to visit them or has family and friends in those areas takes the time to become educated on hurricane awareness and preparation. A great online resource Read More

Prepare your family for disaster recovery

disaster kit

Assemble a disaster kit with food, water and emergency supplies.

Recent news reports show the devastation that can happen when a tornado hits a community. “Tornado alley” in the southern Plains states has a statistically higher tornado occurrence, but National Climatic Data Center records show tornadoes can happen in any state. While there is nothing you can do to prevent a tornado, there is much you can do to prepare your family for recovery from a tornado.
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