How medical expenses affect insurance premiums


Life-saving technology can also add to medical costs.

Consumers often wonder what factors affect insurance premiums. One big factor is the rising cost of medical treatment.

General liability, homeowner, workers’ compensation and auto insurance claims all are affected by post-accident medical expenses. From initial emergency response and trauma care to surgery, physical therapy and beyond, medical services are essential to helping people recover from an accident. But these life-saving measures are also major expenditures that impact insurance rates. Read More

Why your business needs extra expense coverage


Extra expense coverage can help keep you open for business.

If your business is like most, you can’t afford a shutdown. Fire, windstorms and other perils might cause physical damage to your location, but what about the potential loss of customers?

Extra expense coverage is designed to meet the needs of businesses that can’t afford to be closed for an extended period. Extra expense covers costs incurred to minimize disruption to a business and reduce the potential for lost customers.
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