‘Small’ equipment loss can be a big thing


A small business may depend on equipment
such as a cooler for flowers.

When you hear machinery and equipment discussed as an available insurance coverage, you may envision huge mechanical or electrical apparatus associated with large-scale operations or massive production floors.

You may conclude that your family-run flower shop or small- to medium-sized business doesn’t need this type of coverage. Read More

Heavy equipment theft can cost time as well as money

Take steps to secure heavy equipment.

Take steps to secure heavy equipment.

As a contractor, farmer or business owner, you know that the theft of a piece of your equipment could cause you misery as well as financial loss.

The financial loss goes beyond the replacement cost of the machine; it can mean down time for your business and costly delays in your work schedule. Read More

The premium audit: Calculating a fair price

calculator-and-ledgerInsurance coverage you select now covers your business during a future term. The rates you pay for coverage are intended to reflect your business’s actual exposure to risk during that future term.

For some lines of insurance, like workers’ compensation, general liability or garage liability, exposure is measured by your payroll and sales and other factors that can be difficult to predict precisely. What happens if you overestimate – or underestimate – future payroll, sales, subcontracting cost or other variables? How can you be sure of paying a fair price?
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Why your business needs extra expense coverage


Extra expense coverage can help keep you open for business.

If your business is like most, you can’t afford a shutdown. Fire, windstorms and other perils might cause physical damage to your location, but what about the potential loss of customers?

Extra expense coverage is designed to meet the needs of businesses that can’t afford to be closed for an extended period. Extra expense covers costs incurred to minimize disruption to a business and reduce the potential for lost customers.
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