Insurance 101 for the college student


Consider your college student’s personal and auto insurance needs.

As the summer winds down, millions of college students will be heading back to dorms or apartments all across the country. If your child is among them, you probably have made sure that your student has the necessary bedding, shelving, futons and electronics for a successful year.

But have you considered whether these items will be covered if lost or stolen?
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How to rent a car without borrowing trouble

woman renting car

Before you take off for vacation in a rental car, think about the insurance you need.

If your summer vacation includes use of a rental car, a little knowledge about auto insurance could preserve your peace of mind and save you money.

Consult with your agent and check your policy for coverage, limits and deductible amounts. You may be able to save money by declining the insurance offered by the rental company if your own policy provides the coverage you need.
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