Marty Skidmore

Property claims manager for Cincinnati Insurance, Marty Skidmore joined the company in 1978 as a claims representative in Indianapolis. Now a vice president of the company, he also has been a regional casualty claim manager. He also serves on the executive committee of Ohio’s FAIR Plan and chairs the Ohio FAIR Plan Blue Ribbon Arson Committee and the Ohio FAIR Plan Claims Committee.

Burn, rake or mow? A seasonal question


The warm days and cool nights of autumn will soon arrive along with those beautiful leaves that we all enjoy so much. As majestic as those trees look while the leaves are still attached, what do we do when leaves begin falling to the ground, covering the landscape?

Many of us have happy childhood memories of burning leaves. But is that really the best alternative?

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After the storm: What do I do next?


The storm has passed and your family is safe. You took all the necessary precautions such as having an adequate supply of drinking water and a flashlight. You may have even purchased a generator to ensure uninterrupted electricity in the event of a power outage. The steps you take next are equally important in keeping your family safe and presenting a claim in the event there is damage to your home, auto or personal property. Your first priority should always be addressing safety concerns: Pay attention to the possibility of[…..]

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