Helen Kyrios

A vice president and corporate counsel in the Corporate Legal department, Helen Kyrios has been Cincinnati’s privacy officer since 2007. Helen is responsible for Cincinnati’s privacy compliance, including developing company policies and procedures, conducting privacy-related training programs and serving on corporate oversight committees. She also manages the Contract Administration department. She joined Cincinnati Insurance in 1995.

Data Privacy Day:
Getting ready for wearable technology


Data Privacy Day, observed annually on January 28, encourages all of us to make protecting privacy and data a greater priority. In preparation for the Apple Watch™ set to debut in early 2015, businesses and employers should learn more about this new device – and similar technology – to understand the potential benefits and risks.

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Top 10 tricks to protect yourself from cyber crime


October is normally associated with Halloween and ghosts and goblins, but for the last 10 years it’s been National Cyber Security Awareness month. As evidenced by the rising number of successful attacks against high-profile targets, cyber crime is on the rise. Here are some ways to protect yourself:

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