Amy Hunter

A senior underwriter with Cincinnati Life, Amy Hunter has 14 years of experience in the life insurance industry. She underwrites for regions in Michigan, Georgia and Alabama. An associate since 2011, she holds the Associate in Customer Service (ACS) and Associate, Academy of Life Underwriting (AALU) designations and is pursuing the Fellow, Academy of Life Underwriting (FALU) designation.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa reviews his insurance policies

santa infographic_homepage

Santa is a busy man this time of year, making toys and preparing his sleigh for the big day. Like many business owners, he relies on his local independent insurance agent. Santa has the policies he needs to cover his workshop, employees and their products. Do you? Read Santa’s insurance list, then locate an agent to help you check yours.

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Applying for life insurance? Here’s what to expect


You’ve completed and signed an application for life insurance; what happens next? Depending on the amount of life insurance you apply for, you may be asked to provide medical information as part of the underwriting process or to submit to a medical exam. Underwriting for life insurance is often perceived as a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be.

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