Your insurance: There to see you through


Don’t face a disaster alone; let your agent and insurer help see you through.


Take a step back, take a deep breath and marshal all your resources.

This is good advice for virtually any aspect of life. But when you are facing the consequences of a disastrous and unexpected event, it becomes advice that may make the difference between recovery  ̶  getting on with your life  ̶  or carrying those consequences well into your future. Remember that after a disaster, your insurance agent and insurance company are there to see you through.

Disaster can affect thinking

Disasters often generate personal feelings of isolation, despair and the need to react NOW. Decisions made in haste or under duress often lead to consequences we would have avoided, had we been in a normal state of mind.

It is not just any disaster, it is your disaster. Your involvement makes it personal and unique. You will benefit from the assistance of somebody who knows you. Your independent insurance agent knows you and is trained for and experienced in confronting the chaos, confusion and hardships that often accompany catastrophic events. Your agent is ready and willing to give you advice and assistance as you work to return to normal. The agency is familiar with area contractors and service providers. You have placed your well-being in the agency’s hands, and they are there for you. They know who to call.

Quick, reliable information

Your claims adjuster is the quickest and most reliable source of information concerning how your policy will respond to the various aspects of your loss. In order to take full advantage of the insurance you have purchased, involve your claims adjuster as early as possible. It is equally important that you stay in contact and seek their advice as your recovery moves along. Taking on obligations, or entering into contracts without the benefit of consultation with your adjuster, could add to your burden and loss.

No hasty decisions

As unpleasant as it is to contemplate, there are unscrupulous individuals and repair companies looking for opportunities to capitalize on your duress and vulnerability after a disaster. Whether you experience a personal disaster such as a broken pipe in your home or a widespread catastrophe such as a tornado, your hurried decisions could result in additional financial loss. Don’t be pushed into making decisions alone; let your agent and adjuster advise you.

You have insurance. Make sure you take full advantage of the professionals and experience that come with it…..And breathe easy.

Claim scenarios are for educational purposes only. Every claim is adjusted according to its own specific set of facts. Whether or not insurance coverage would apply to any claim is dependent on the facts and circumstances of each individual claim and the language of the insurance policy.

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