Waste hauling business requires
good insurance program

trash-recycling-and-green-leaf-binsImagine an extra-heavy truck driving down the street. Like every other day, pedestrians are in the crosswalks, students await the school bus and parked cars line the curb. It’s not the pretty day the weather forecaster promised; instead, a heavy downpour clouds everyone’s vision. People run where they need to go; heads down, dodging puddles and paying little attention to their surroundings. This doesn’t really seem to be the place for that extra-heavy truck.

Yet every week, millions of people across the country drag their garbage to the curb, and an extra-heavy garbage truck rolls through the neighborhood picking up trash and hauling it away. It arrives on beautiful days, rainy days, snowy days and sometimes even holidays. And those people dodging puddles? They have high expectations of that truck and the driver heading down the street.

People assume that each truck in the fleet received an inspection that day for everything from tire inflation and brakes to turn signals and windshield wiper blades. They also assume the emergency equipment is functioning properly and that the driver was appropriately screened, licensed, trained, tested and is not distracted in any way.

If you own a solid waste hauling business, worrying about your vehicles and the people driving them can tie your stomach in knots. You are willing to accept all of the help you can get. Did you know insurance agents and companies can help you?  A good insurance program will:

  • Provide loss control assistance, including safety classes, training videos and suggestions to reduce losses and help control insurance costs.
  • Help reduce other business costs by offering discounted employee screening services.
  • Allow better fleet management through discounted telematics services (vehicle data collection).
  • Be there when you need them, with local claims representatives who live in your area and provide coverage backed by excellent financial strength.

Talk to your insurance agent to see if these services are available to you, because rain or shine, your trucks are rolling through residential areas filled with distracted people who trust you and rely on your service.

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One Response to “Waste hauling business requires
good insurance program”

  1. Skylar Williams

    It was a great idea to introduce the article with a scenario. It’s true that we all assume the truck driver is insured and qualified. I’m looking for a waste management company, hopefully, the one I find is well insured.


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