Enjoy the Fourth of July, the safe way

Fourth of July celebration

Celebrate the Fourth of July safely.

The Fourth of July has become a day full of family, friends and celebrating the land of the free. Whether you are hosting a gathering or are a guest, make sure everyone’s safety is your No. 1 priority.

Remember these tips from the Consumer Product Safety Commission as July 4 approaches, or any time you are dealing with fireworks. Read More

Building green? Protect your investment

CFC Headquarters in Fairfield, OH

Cincinnati’s headquarters building has requalified for ENERGY STAR certification.

More and more business owners are building green, making positive changes for their businesses and the environment. By investing to attain green certification, those businesses can more easily communicate their values and commitment to the public. While many organizations offer certification programs, two of the most popular are LEED™ and ENERGY STAR®. Read More

Conquer your summer cookout

grilling out

Keep the hot food hot at your summer cookout.

Proper food preparation and handling can help you avoid spoiling not just your meal, but also your summer gathering.

Here are some simple guidelines to follow when cooking outdoors this summer, provided by the United States Department of Agriculture:

  • While shopping for your summer activities, make sure to purchase cold food — especially meat — last, right before checkout.
  • Read More

Plant the seed of success for your homeowner association

Your homeowner association board and its members may need liability coverage.

Your homeowner association board and its members may need liability coverage.

Our yard is blooming before our eyes. Our neighbors also have been rounding out their yards with diverse vegetation, and our homeowners association has been caring for the common areas of our development beautifully. You really do reap what you sow, whether in life or in business.

As your housing development grows, responsibilities increase and so may your need for insurance. As a board of directors and officers is formed, condominium and homeowners associations are at risk without non-profit Read More